Eirik Johnson @ Cornish

September 28, 2012

Old ghost ranges, sunken rivers, come again
Curated by Cable Griffith
Through October 13, Cornish College of the Arts

A Group Exhibition featuring work by Vaughn Bell, Gretchen Bennett, Zack Bent, Matt Browning, Stephen Chalmers, Eirik Johnson, Matthew Offenbacher, Whiting Tennis, Kimberly Trowbridge, Allyce Wood, Peter Scherrer, and Claude Zervas.

Below is a video of Eirik’s installation:
Eirik Johnson, Madre De Dios, 2010, light box and sound installation

Eirik Johnson’s Madre De Dios premiered at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, MA in 2010.  Old ghost ranges… features a selection of three light boxes from this project.  Each light box gradually illuminates the long-exposure photographs from the Peruvian Amazon. During the photographic exposures, ambient sound was simultaneously recorded at the same locations.  Each light box gradually illuminates for the duration of the exposure while ambient sound from that location is amplified throughout the space.  The result is transportive and encompassing.

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